3 Ways to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet
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3 Ways to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

Pet stains can be a real menace on the carpet. But, with some little cleaning know how, and some elbow grease, your carpet can be restored back to its past glory free from pet stains.

Here are three ways of cleaning the carpet:

1. Application of a paper towels- With the use of paper towels or wet towels and topping it with some weight puddles can be absorb with ease. This can be done by pouring some cold water on the towels and then placing them on the stain then placing something heavy on top. The wait makes it possible for the towels to absorb the given stain and left for around ten minutes the results are amazing, since most of the stain would be absorbed. Only make sure that the poultice is larger by two times than the stained area for best results.

2. Re-wetting the area with water- Pour a little amount of water starting from the exterior of the stain to the interior and give the water about a minute before wiping slowly and carefully in the same direction. Should you decide to use enzymatic cleaners at this stage, make sure that you read the instructions to make sure you are using the right cleaner for the right type of carpet. For example in case you are using a wool cleaning agent, make sure its wool safe.

3. Disposing of the paper towels- To make sure you are not confusing your pets, by letting them stain the paper towels, make sure you get rid of them (the paper towels, not your pet) in the right manner. In case of the paper ones, you can throw them away but for the other towels you can place them in a nylon paper to avoid your pets ''marking'' them and turning them into soiling surfaces, because a smell will result in this.

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