A DIY Project That Does Double Duty
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A DIY Project That Does Double Duty

Want to add real, rich aroma to your home while adding something decorative? It’s no problem with this easy, quick do-it-yourself project! In fact, this project is so simple, you won’t have any problem making it work for you.

What is your favorite DIY decorative project?

Making a Cinnamon Candle

This is non-crafter proof—even if you aren’t good at being crafty, you will look like you are when your friends see this craft:

Wrap a rubber band around a medium to wide unscented candle. Tuck real cinnamon sticks inside the rubber band, lining them up with the sides of the candle.

Once the candle is completely surrounded by cinnamon sticks, tie a twine or ribbon around the rubber band to cover it up and to add a bit of dimension.

When you light the candle, it will heat up the cinnamon sticks and release a constant, subtle scent of cinnamon.

Other Ideas for Self-Scenting Candles

If you like the idea of combining scents with decorative candles, here’s a few more ideas to try:

  • Tuck a tea light or votive into a shallow dish of coffee beans. As with the cinnamon, the light will heat up the coffee beans and release the smell into the air.
  • Surround a trio of candles with pine cones. Pine is a strong scent, so it will waft up around the candles and be carried by the heat.

Another great thing to know about these candles is this: both cinnamon and coffee scents have been shown to boost energy and mood—perfect for your next party! 

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