A Few Tips for Staying Motivated While You Clean
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A Few Tips for Staying Motivated While You Clean

One of the biggest problems with house cleaning is just finding the motivation to do it. For most, cleaning is not a preferred activity, so getting started (and continuing) can be an arduous battle with the inner couch potato.

If you want to clean but you just don’t have the motivation, see if these tricks help you out:

1. Prioritize. A lot of times, lack of motivation stems from a feeling of being overwhelmed. When you don’t know where to start or don’t think you can make the kind of progress you’d like to make, it can be hard to begin at all.

Combat that by prioritizing the things that really need to be done first. Getting the hardest, most necessary things out of the way first makes it easier to continue because you won’t be worried about (or dreading) them anymore.

2. Prepare. Like a child who asks for a snack, then water, then a bedtime kiss before finally going to sleep, people tend to allow themselves to get distracted or justify walking away from their tasks in order to avoid it. Nip as many of those as possible, starting with cleaning supplies.

If you have to keep leaving the task to find this sponge or that scrub brush or your favorite cleaner, you’re giving yourself time to be distracted. Take the option away by laying out everything in advance.

3. Focus. Once you have your priority list, start on the first task and focus only on that task until it’s complete. If you try to think ahead to all of the other things you could be doing, you’ll only find yourself overwhelmed. Plus, you’ll have much better results on the task at hand if you’re focused.

4. Distract. If cleaning bores you, try to make it interesting for yourself, or at least distract yourself from the fact that it’s boring. If you can watch TV and work at the same time, go for it! You can also crank up your favorite music to listen to while you clean to keep you moving.

If you have a hard time watching TV or listening to music and actually getting the cleaning done, then set timers and reward yourself. Work for 30-60 minutes, then give yourself a 10-20 minute break. Make sure you time both so that your break doesn’t grow longer than it should! 

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