Curtain Materials and Fabrics: A Better Understanding
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Curtain Materials and Fabrics: A Better Understanding

Curtain shopping can be confusing due to descriptions and not understanding the differences or similarities. One may say 100% cotton while another says made from cotton materials. Then another can say it is a cotton fabric curtain. All three could actually be the same. All can truly be 100% cotton. It can be made from cotton materials. It can be made from cotton fabric. Fabrics are an end result of spun and weaved materials. It can include just about any materials.
Shopping for curtains often leads to confusion since some of the fabrics can be labeled based on material or materials. To top it off, some curtains can be labeled with fabrics based from the design. For instance, denim is made from woven cotton, yet toile fabric is comprised of an assortment of materials and includes scenic prints, which are often one color.
Within fabrics, bright colored materials may look magnificent and enhance the room, but they are more susceptible to sun fade. Duller colors within a fabric may not look as spectacular as brighter ones, but they won't fade as quickly or as easy. If you don't mind changing out your curtains more often, the brighter colors may work great for your needs.  
Curtains have a huge impact on both the appearance of a room and the tone, along with house cleaning. Nevertheless, there is more to curtains than appearance. The materials and fabrics used have the ultimate effect on design, dependability, and durability. Deciphering through the characteristics can help to find what truly suits your needs.

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