Decorating by Function: The Bathroom
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Decorating by Function: The Bathroom

Take most of what you think about your bathroom (if you do actually think about it) and toss it out. Think about the kind of place you want it to be. It should be a calm place away from chaos so that when you sink into your bathtub at the end of a long day, there’s nothing but relaxation.

With that as the function in mind, there are some great decorating choices that can be made to support that.

For some amazing ideas, check out designer's blogs, like the one that presented this beautiful bathroom.

Colors & Fabrics

If you want your bathroom to be an oasis, it starts with colors. Try colors that are known to be calming, like green, blue, and lavender. Pair them with neutrals like natural wood tones, tans, and whites.

Use these colors on the walls or use them as accents in accessories, rugs, and curtains. The effect will the same: a calm, clean room for you to peacefully enjoy.

Focus on Your Favorite

What do you like most? Long showers? Comfortable baths? Can’t forget that the bathtub is for bathing, too, so organize and decorate with your preference in mind.

If you prefer baths, keep a basket near the bathtub with everything you need: soap, shampoo, and a towel. If you keep this always stocked, not only will it be a beautiful bed-and-breakfast style decoration, it will also keep you from needing to look for things you need.

If showers are more your thing, find the best shower curtain you can or consider glass doors. Find a shower caddy that’s as nice to look at as it is to use and don’t be afraid to let people see it!


Your bathroom should have some conveniences, things that make your life just a little easier and more comfortable. Replace your towel rod with some hooks, for instance; to make towels easier to use and re-hang.

Use a basket or tall, empty vase to store toilet paper next to the toilet so it’s easier to reach. Keep your bathroom stocked before you have to take a bath by grouping like items together and checking on them frequently.

Some homeowners are even adding TVs to their bathrooms, so if you’re in the market for a remodel, it might be something to consider! 

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