Decorating Room By Function: Ideas for the Bedroom
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Decorating Room By Function: Ideas for the Bedroom

What is your bedroom to you? Is an oasis from the chaos; a place to relax? Is it where you watch TV, talk on the phone, read books? When you decorate by function, you first have to decide what that function is!

Whatever the function is, get in the habit of making your bed every day now, before you re-decorate. Making the bed takes just a few minutes, but it’s a housekeeping task that will make your room look better every day.


If your bedroom is where you go to unwind, you’re going to want to stick with colors that have been shown to promote calm and relaxation. Calm colors are green, blue, and purple, and you can use them on anything from the walls to the duvet to the curtains.

Looking for a reading nook with a punch of color? Orange or bright blue will do the trick, just pair them with neutrals like white or brown to keep it from looking garish. 


Regardless of the function of your bedroom, it should be a place with a bit of luxury. It is, after all; a space that is uniquely yours. You deserve the level of comfort you want! If you can, splurge a little on high-quality sheets or an extra soft blanket or comforter. Add a pillow that helps you sleep or a lamp that makes you smile.

Ultimately, your bedroom should still display your personality, and you can do a lot of that through the luxuries you choose.

Smells You Love

What smells calm you? Which ones bring back happy memories or energize you for the day to come? You can find a huge choice of wonderful scents in everything from essential oils to scented candles.

Linen and vanilla tend to be comforting smells, while peppermint has been shown to put people in a happier and more productive mood. It’s up to individual taste, though, so find the one you love and find a way to keep it in your room.

When you have freshly decorated a room, it’s easy to keep it clean, but how is it looking after a few months? If you need a hand keeping your wonderfully decorated room clean, give cleaning services a call. 

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