Decorating Rooms by Function: Dining Room
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Decorating Rooms by Function: Dining Room

There are hundreds of thousands of ideas for room design online, and narrowing them down can be overwhelming. One way to decorate is to find a theme and build your organization and design around it, whether it be a color, pattern, or particular style you’re trying to achieve.

One of those themes involves decorating your rooms based on their function. The perk to doing this includes ample opportunities for organization, making your house cleaning easier. When you decorate a room by function, there’s no reason to hide your organizational tricks, so break out the decorative baskets and bins! 

This will be a three-part series; keep reading for ideas for your dining room that will give it a new look and how to incorporate organization for decluttering and easier housekeeping.

Restaurant Style Dining Room

Depending on your personal tastes, this can be a heavily themed room or just featuring light touches of the idea to enhance the atmosphere. Ideas for making your dining room reminiscent of a dining room:

  • Tablecloth. If you want a more diner-type feel, find a nice checkerboard tablecloth or a white tablecloth with a checkerboard overlay in a color that matches your kitchen décor. If you want an elegant restaurant design, stick to natural wood or a simple white tablecloth with a solid color overlay.
  • Accessories. For a lighter look, try vases with light-colored flowers, bowls that match your style (country bowls with gingham patterns or more modern bowls in solid colors or bold lines), and interesting cookie jars. For a more upscale approach, use simple dark-colored votives with unscented candles and simple but bold vases with florist-cut flowers.
  • Organization. For either style, baskets are the way to go. The style of basket will depend on the rest of your design. For the more casual dining room, woven baskets in rectangular shapes that fit easily onto shelves or come with their own drawer system look fantastic. Smaller baskets with cloth covers arranged on neat shelves will do well in the more elegant room.

The best inspiration comes from the things you see around you. Next time you’re in your favorite restaurant, take a look around. Are there any design elements that stand out to you? Maybe it’s the light fixture setting the mood or the paintings on the wall—there’s almost always a way to work that into your own home!

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