Discover Décor Enhancements with New Interior Trim
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Discover Décor Enhancements with New Interior Trim

Trim, also known by the terms moulding and molding, add life to any room in your home. In fact, it enhances your housekeeping efforts. You may wonder how, right? To put it another way, your home looks great with all the maintenance you do, but the scratched up, damaged floor in your kitchen takes away from visual appeal. Trim can do the same. If your trim is damaged, broken, missing, scuffed, scratched, warped, or even faded, it is time for an upgrade.

When shopping for new trim, you will various sizes with every type, like base moulding, window and door trim, corner moulding, etc. Design will vary too. You will find everything from beveled trim to moulding with patterns, such as circular patterns, squiggly patterns, square patterns, or any combination.

Nevertheless, the most important element to understand is material. Trim is available in oak, pine, poplar, polyurethane, FRP (fiber reinforced polymer), MDF (medium density fiber), etc. Oak is more expensive than pine, but both are dependable. Poplar provides for a more affordable option with the beauty of wood grain. Polyurethane and FRP add strength, which adds dependability. They also clean easier, but can warp if not installed properly. MDF provides the feel of wood, but is made of wooden fibers so there is no wood grain. You will find that one usually primed and ready to paint.

No matter what you desire, understanding the important elements and options in trim will help you find the best match for your needs. In addition, it will enhance your cleaning efforts and your home!

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