Don’t Let Cleaning Overwhelm You
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Don’t Let Cleaning Overwhelm You

When clutter and dirt start to feel like they’re taking over, it’s not unusual to feel completely overwhelmed. Fighting through this feeling is necessary to get the task done, though; so how can you make it easier?

First, hire a maid service to help you stay on top of the cleaning. You would be amazed what a few visits from qualified house cleaning professionals can do!

Between visits, try these tips to help you stay ahead of the house cleaning curve:

One Room at a Time. If getting overwhelmed keeps you from getting the cleaning done, as it does for many, try only focusing on one room at a time. This way, you’re giving yourself a smaller task rather than trying to consider how to clean the whole house.

When you finish cleaning the room, you will feel accomplished, and that can actually help keep you motivated to keep working!

Start with a Big Room. The temptation is to start with a small, easy room and get it out of the way, but the opposite is actually true. Tackle the biggest problem first while you have most of your energy, then work your way down. This way, when you’re tired, all you will have left is a small space.

Also, getting the biggest, dirtiest room out of the way first will help with perspective and make the next rooms feel smaller by comparison.

Vacuum Each Room. A clean carpet goes a long, long way in how you perceive the cleanliness of a room, so vacuum each room as you finish. Vacuuming once a week is even great for your carpet!

Always wait until last for this step, though—as you clean the rest of the room, dirt and dust will fall from higher surfaces and land on the carpet. If you do it last, you’ll take care of all of it.

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