Get—and Keep!—Your Bathroom Clean Enough for Guests
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Get—and Keep!—Your Bathroom Clean Enough for Guests

Ah, the bathroom—it's one of the least favorite places to clean for most homeowners. Maid services is your best bet if you're trying to avoid the bathroom, but if you want to keep it guest-level clean every day, the key is creating a system and new habits.

As with most things, the key to keeping the bathroom clean is to clean as you go. When you maintenance every day, the clean sticks around longer!


Create a plan for your shower: think about your day, how many people take baths or showers, and the best time to get in there. As you're making your plan, consider these tips:

  • Spray down your shower with a spray bottle of water and vinegar after every few showers.
  • Clean when the bathroom is steamy to help loosen dirt.
  • Hard water stains? No problem! A paste of vinegar and baking soda does the trick!


The toilet is probably the one item people want to avoid the most, but there are some easy ways to clean a toilet:

  • Drop a couple of denture tablets in, let sit for an hour, come back and flush!
  • For an extremely dirty toilet, you're going to want a professional cleanser. Find one that's both healthy and effective.
  • Remember to clean the outside of the toilet, too.

Sink & Countertops

Any of these surfaces can be washed down with a vinegar and water mixture (bonus: it also helps control odors!):

  • Keep wipes or a rag and vinegar spray in reach to wipe down counters as you go.
  • Don't forget the mirror!
  • Once a week, give your sink a good scrubbing.

A beautiful, guest-ready bathroom makes everyone feel better—including you!

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