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Get Compacted and Save Space

4254-101413-gs4254If you are a housekeeper, you know just how busy you can be. There is no shadow of doubt about the amount of work you put in. However, there are certain things you can do to make it more efficient and reduce the amount of time that you require to remove all the clutter. Here is a sneak peek of some of these ways:

First, you need to have a better organization. The truth is that better organization is crucial towards efficient cleaning:

  • When you sort through your stuff, you will no longer inquire where they should go.
  • You won’t have to ask where your items will go because you will be able to tell in which category it belongs and go ahead and place it in that category.
  • After knowing exactly where to place your belongings, you will realize that you have saved your time for more crucial life needs.

Place some items in a lost and found drawer.

For items that neither have a category nor a drawer or items you need to ask someone about, you can choose a designated lost and found drawer and place those types of things in it. Just in case someone fails to find what they are looking for, they can always re-visit the drawer to check if these items are there. This will not only be convenient to the person looking for a lost item, but also on the person doing the cleaning.

Putting away some seasonal clothes.

The truth is that some closets have limited space. Therefore, you want to ensure that you have taken all the winter clothes out of your closet during summer. Place them in plastic storage bags or stackable totes instead. This will ensure that all the summer clothes are accessible when you want to choose an outfit to wear without winter clothes getting in the way.

Place all the puzzles in a bag.

If you have family members who love puzzles, some pieces within your home may fall out and get lost. Try placing these pieces in a sandwich bag and subsequently place them in a small tote. You will create more space and be organized in the process.

Keeping your home organized and clean is a full-time job. If your schedule is making it difficult to find time to do anything else, get in touch with The Maids for a helping hand. 

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