House Cleaning Tasks You Hate
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House Cleaning Tasks You Hate

There are always some housekeeping chores you just don't enjoy doing, but these are different for every person. Whatever your least favorite task is, there are ways to keep it from dragging you down and keeping you from getting cleaning finished.

Tap into these ideas, and watch your house get cleaner, faster!

Team Up: Whether it's your spouse, children, roommate, or best friend, get someone else involved in cleaning. There are two great reasons for this: 

  1. Having someone to talk to makes it more enjoyable.

  2. Teaming up to clean is faster.

  3. You can split up tasks depending on what you like. If you like laundry, for instance, but your spouse hates it, then he can do something else while you take care of laundry.

If you don't live with anyone who can help you team up, try this: think about which tasks you hate, and see if there's a way to outsource those. Maid services, fluff & fold laundry services, carpet cleaners—for most tasks, there's a way to make it easier for yourself by getting some help!

Make It Fun: If you can make the chores you like the least as fun as possible, they won't seem so bad. Turn on some loud music or a book on tape, watch your favorite TV show while you clean, turn it into a game with your kids, use a mobile app that encourages you to clean—anything that appeals to you, use it to your advantage!

Reward Yourself: Set a timer, work for 30 minutes, then take a 10 minute break. During that 10 minute break, do something you really love: drink a cup of coffee or tea, lay down and listen to some music, watch some TV, read a book, play a video game, surf the internet—just make sure that when your 10 minutes is up, you're ready to go back to work!

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