Housekeeping Tips for Keeping the Kitchen Floor Clean
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Housekeeping Tips for Keeping the Kitchen Floor Clean

dreamstimefree 10317055You will agree with me that the kitchen is the busiest room in any homestead. This is because it’s the only room where foodstuffs are stored, where cooking takes place, and is constantly, compared to any other room, because of cooking. Not to forget that when cooking, the food sometimes spills over the pan to the kitchen’s floor and the dirty water for washing utensils usually ends up there as well.

This makes the floor very slippery and full of dirt. Unfortunately, there is no visitor who will eat your food after seeing that the kitchen is dirty however delicious the meal may be. Here are some of the best tips you can use to keep your kitchen spotlessly clean.

Apply Quick Mop System

After washing all your dishes, always try to mop the water on the floor regardless of the quantity. This will make it hard for stains to develop and thus make it easy to maintain the kitchen. Invest in a mop that is very fast and easy to use. Immediately after the food drops to the kitchen’s floor, mop it, and by doing so, you won’t spend all your time scrubbing set in crusty messes.

Use Deck Brush to Scrub Stubborn Stains

This is an effective method of getting rid of any stains on the floor of your kitchen. Before cleaning the floor, remove everything from the surface. Pour a considerable amount of detergent on the floor and mix it with water. Scrub the floor with a deck brush till it shines. Dry the floor by using a rag and leave it to dry.

Get Rid of Sticky Substances

Sticky substances will be no more if you use vinegar mixed with hot water. Scrub the floor to clean all the stains. However, it’s good to find out whether vinegar is friendly to your type of floor before using it.

Another way to get your kitchen floors looking great is to call the professionals at The Maids of Worcester.

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