How Professional House Cleaners Do Their Dusting
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How Professional House Cleaners Do Their Dusting

Dusting is very important if you want your home to be safe from illness. The dust found in most people's homes are made up of pet dander, human skin cells, lint particles and dirt. What's even worse is that dust mites feed off of all of this when it is left sitting around your home. Dust is not only unsightly, but unsanitary as well.

How to Dust Like a Professional

The main difference between regular dusters and professional dusters is that the pros do not simply push the dust around. Instead the pros actually trap the dust and eliminate it. Feather dusters and other dry dusters only send dust particles flying into the air, causing it to simply settle back later, or be breathed in by household members. Below is a simple method to actually trap and eliminate the dust in your home.

What You Will Need

  • Piece of cloth or paper towel
  • Water, a gentle cleaning solution, or a wood polish/oiling product for wood furniture

When tackling furnishings that have items on them, remove the items carefully and dust those items first before setting them aside. Place the items elsewhere so they won't get in the way.
Once the surface is clear you can dust the surface. Rinse the cloth or get a new sturdy paper towel as needed during your dusting. Make sure you are wiping away the grime and dust, and not just moving them around. Once you have finished dusting, place all your items back in their place on top of the surface they were removed from.

With proper dusting techniques your home will be cleaner and healthier. If your time does not allow you to do proper dusting, then consider hiring The Maids of Worchester in Marlborough, Massachusetts to take care of the all your housekeeping needs. 

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