How to Arrange Two Popular Flowers Like a Pro
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How to Arrange Two Popular Flowers Like a Pro

Spring is the perfect time for fresh flowers in your house: as you finish up spring house cleaning and the weather warms up, flowers bring a freshness and vibrancy to any home. Of course, arranging them yourself can be tricky, especially if you want them to look professional.

Two popular flowers at any time of year are roses and tulips, so here are some tips for making them look especially beautiful:


The key to roses is to cluster them. When you can make a small, tight arrangement, you'll find it to be extremely neat and definitely like a florist did it for you. If you don't have enough roses to cluster a large vase, opt for a shorter vase with a smaller mouth.

Cut the stems to fit into the vase (always cut stems at an angle under running water!) and arrange them so they support each other. This will create a cluster of roses, and you can use all of the same color roses or use two different colors.

Note: this works with any flower with a sturdy stem!


Tulips are naturally flexible, and rather than fighting against that, you can use it. Find a vase tall enough that it is only a couple of inches under the bloom, then arrange the tulips on either side of the vase. The stems will naturally bend from the weight of the flowers and create a natural but elegant look. 

Either one of these flowers is a beautiful touch to a home, and now you'll be able to arrange like a florist! 

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