How to Eliminate Hand Towel Smells
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How to Eliminate Hand Towel Smells

Towels, despite whatever type, get put to use on a regular basis. This leads to enduring significantly more launder cycles and more wear and tear, meaning far more odors that just don't seem to be released. Laundry soap commonly erases most odors and smells, but not always. Nevertheless, some like to stick around on and refuse to go away. Do you throw in the towel and get new bath towels? You already have a lot of housekeeping to do. A situation of this nature could certainly manifest into quite the embarrassing predicament.
You may have attempted to wash them more than once before tossing in the dryer, but it didn't seem to eliminate the problem, right? No matter how many times you wash those towels, the residues that get left behind build up. Every time they get washed, regardless of getting dried or not, the residue continues to build up. This particular buildup prevents water from penetrating deep down inside the towels, which turns into missed areas that odors (bacteria) like to hide.
Why waste your money throwing the towels out when you can fix the problem? Utilizing this nifty trick, you will rid those odors and save yourself some money.
Step number 1 starts with hot water and 1 cup of vinegar in your machine. No laundry room soap or fabric softener should be used as it may modify the final results. Upon completion of round 1, repeat that step, but use a half cup of baking soda instead of vinegar. Once again, avoid adding laundry detergent to the washer. When the washing machine is done, the towels can be thrown in the dryer. After the dryer finishes, you should have towels that smell great!

If the odor problem in your towels does not go away, then the washer is probably causing the problem. To renew the washer, try out clothes washer fresheners. They are easily available at most retail chain stores that provide washers and the fresheners are often in capsule style. Stick to the freshener operating instructions fully, since this is not a regular wash cycle. Check your manufacturer's guidelines or instructions to ensure proper use. You can usually find instructions for your washer on the manufacturer's website.

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