How to Get the Kids Help withthe Household Chores
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How to Get the Kids Help withthe Household Chores

Household chores are usually something you have to fight your kids to do.  However, having your children assist in household chores is an important part of growing up. It teaches responsibility and will make it where they can take care of themselves when they become adults.The real question is: how do you get your kids to help? Below are a few ways to encourage your kids to help out more:

Chart Keeping and Rewards

Charts are a fun option that shows your kids exactly what chores you want them to complete each day. By incorporating a fun design, fun stickers to add to completed chores, and even rewards at the end of the week for all chores being completed are great ways to encourage your kids to complete their chores without much fuss. This chart can also include common daily activities such as making their beds, and even brushing their teeth, or putting laundry in the dirty laundry basket.While you still may have to remind them to complete the tasks sometimes, the chart is an easy way to keep track of what is being completed each day.

Chores plus Fun

The bottom line is kids do not think chores are fun. However, you can make the activity of completing the chores fun. Craft the chores so it would be more like a game. For example, have the kids pick up items with the same color. Have them pretend the broom is a microphone as they sweep the floor. Put some music on and let everyone dance to the groove as you clean.Show a little enthusiasm so they will follow.

Getting your children to help with chores around the home is important, and will also teach them responsibility. But if you are in the Marlborough, Massachusetts area and would still like some assistance with your housekeeping, The Maids Worchester can assist you.

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