Improve Your Health with Air Purifiers
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Improve Your Health with Air Purifiers

Allergies and illnesses can create constant tiredness, fatigue, and irritated eyes. However, many illnesses are a result of bad air quality in your home. Cleaning your home regularly can promote a better environment, but cannot exactly clean your air. The air you breathe right now can be filled with bacteria that all contribute to your allergies. This in turn will lead to constant allergies and the symptoms of these health conditions that you will have a tough time dealing with. While The Maids of Worchester, in Marlborough, Massachusetts can help you with the housekeeping, you could still use an air purifier to clean your air. Below are some different types of air purifiers available:

Self-Standing Air Purifying Models

Major floor purifiers can easily stand on floors to draw better air pollutants that float in your home. This then pushes healthier air to go into the rooms to stay. There are many types available, including the following:

  • Rotating purifiers
  • Round purifiers
  • Slim purifiers
  • Square purifiers

Each of these air purifying units serve the same exact purpose, but offering different levels of coverage and filtration. The ones that rotate pull in contaminated air from various sides of the room; the square ones draw the air in from just one side while round ones provide 360 degree coverage. The slim designs on the other hand save space and offer more long length purification. Unlike the others that have small openings for air flow, they are made with more lean and long lengths to draw more concentrated air in.

Tabletop Air Purification Systems

There are quite a few kinds of tabletop air purifiers. These unique units are tiny, as they are designed to fit practically anywhere. Some have stronger power than others that allow the filtration to reach more areas, but they can't really compare to those self-standing models. Regardless, they all really help to clean the air throughout the entire day.

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