Keeping Valued Papers Safe
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Keeping Valued Papers Safe

51-101413-gs0051Preserving confidential papers is something that every household needs to know to do because nobody wants any of these papers wet, lost, burnt, or damaged:

  • birth certificates
  • registration papers
  • credit reports
  • membership cards
  • collectible concert tickets
  • home business papers
  • photos
  • and other valuable papers

Organization is key to keep your papers from getting lost, and an important part of housekeeping. The following are other ways to protect your valuable papers.


You can laminate papers of different sizes using special products that come in different models to heat-seal lamination material over the paper for protection and preservation. Currently, you are not allowed to laminate Social Security cards, but you can do so for older cards without that restriction, including insurance cards and award certificates, to keep them protected from bends, tears, water, etc.

Fire Protection

A fire outbreak can cause damage to important documents and papers that might be difficult to replace. So, the best thing to do is to use a fire safe, a filing cabinet, or shelved cabinet to protect these items. Moreover, a filing cabinet will also help you to stay organized and avoid unnecessarily misplacement of your important items. For a small price of around $40, you can find a rectangular box that can offer you the benefits of safety with a small investment. Depending on what you are willing to part with for a decent fire safe, these products vary on how long and how much heat they can handle. A majority have numbered, keyed, or padlocked protection for confidentiality.

Sealed Bags

Large sealed bags such as Ziploc brand bags and sandwich bags can protect many valued papers from condensation, spills, decomposition, or debris.

Digital Protection

Digital storage is the best way to protect or preserve important papers. Scan your papers or visit a local photo lab such as CVS or Wal-Mart to make copies of your papers in digital form, and then store them on a memory stick, email, or in a cloud system. Use some of these techniques to protect your important papers and photos and you won’t have to regret: better safe than sorry.

Keeping your papers organized is an important part of the process of protecting them, and keeping clutter down in general will help. Of course, cleaning is practically a full-time job, so if you need some help, don’t hesitate to call The Maids.

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