Letting Go: Enjoying Time With Guests
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Letting Go: Enjoying Time With Guests

You might love visiting with family and friends, but when they’re staying in your home for week or two, things can get a little stressful. As if there weren’t enough things going on this time of year, keeping guests happy can feel like a monumental chore.

There’s a secret to enjoying your guests, though; and it starts with planning.

Preparing for Your Guests

If you still have time to prepare before your guests arrive, take this time to do two things: clean and plan. House cleaning is going to be important before they ever arrive. More people in the house inevitably means more mess, so starting with a clean house is a must or you will find yourself quickly overwhelmed.

Time running out and your house isn’t clean? Now is the time for some emergency action: hire a maid service. That way, your house will be in the best possible condition before your guests arrive, but you can spend your valuable time doing other things, like planning your meals.

You know that feeling you get that you’ve forgotten something? The last thing you want is to have a house full of hungry people and no food! Take the time to plan out your meals and think about the snacks and treats you might like to make or share—make a detailed list so you don’t fall prey to that forgetful moment, and then do all of the shopping (and maybe even some of the cooking) before anyone shows up.

Go With the Flow

Once you’ve planned everything out, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy your guests. Squash the temptation to follow them around tidying or trying to micromanage every second of your time together. Go with the flow! Remember that you have the important things planned out—these moments in between are when you get to appreciate the time you have with the people you care about most.

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