Maid Tips: Fun Things to Do With Snow
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Maid Tips: Fun Things to Do With Snow

christmas kids playing snow testEvery time winter sets in and the snow comes, many feel trapped inside. And while this is understandable, isn't it maybe the best time to bundle up and go explore the outdoors? There are a lot of things you can do especially with children during snow and the beauty of it is that almost all these are fun activities and they help keep your indoors tidy. Consider:

  • Ice cubes scavenger hunt
  • Catching snowflakes
  • Light a snow angel
  • Playing winter wildlife detective
  • Investigation the physical qualities of snow

Playing Ice Cubes Scavenger Hunt

Freeze ice cubes of your favorite colors and hide these in several designated parts of the yard. Then send your warmly dressed children out in search of them. Just sit back and see how much fun they have discovering the secret locations, one after another.

Catching and Saving Snow Flakes

Take a large sheet of paper, preferably black and put it in the freezer until it is cold. Now take this sheet outdoors and have snowflakes land on it. Let the children use a magnifying glass to watch this, it will exhilarate them.

Playing Winter Wildlife Detective

Like a drop of rain, every snowfall usually brings out certain animals either seeking food or moving to find shelter. You can have the children look for their tracks and try identifying the various animals the footprints belong to.

Light a Snow Angel

You will need a heavy-duty waterproof flashlight for this. Dig a hole in the snow and put your flashlight in with the face up. Lay stakes over the flashlight and place a screen on top. Now pack snowballs around the screen’s edge. Roll snowballs and carefully place them on the edge of this screen. Spray with water so they stick together and repeat the process until you have a cone. It looks great especially when it is dark outside.

Learning the Qualities of Snow

You can make a snowball thermometer by making snowballs of the same size. Place these on different surfaces say, a parked car, sidewalk or a patch of grass and then watch which of them melts fastest.

Allow yourself more time outside with the family. Call the Maids of Worcester to help out with chores around the house this winter season.

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