Maintaining a Clean House When Your Schedule is Packed
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Maintaining a Clean House When Your Schedule is Packed

Sometimes, your schedule resembles a football playbook: lines and letters and numbers everywhere, and you don't even remember what half of them mean! When your schedule is that busy, keeping the house clean can be a serious chore.

Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to make it possible to keep your house clean in just a few minutes a day!

Get Clean. Maintenance starts with a really thorough clean. Call in maid services or take a free weekend to clean. Make sure you get organized, as well; giving every item in your house its own home. 

When everything has a home, it's easier to stick to the very important principle: clean as you go. Anytime you finish with something, put it back where it belongs. This will go a long way in keeping your house clean!

Don't Wait. One of the easiest ways to clutter up your house is with mail and other paper clutter. You set it to the side to look at later, and pretty soon it's in a big pile on your kitchen table or bar and spilling over onto the floor. 

The minute you bring in papers, look at them and put them where they go. Bill? Personal? Sort the mail and put it away to keep the clutter from returning. 

Tidy Every Day. Make it a point every day to tidy up. It might not be much—picking up the trash and putting toys and clothes away, for instance—but just this little bit of work will make a difference in how clean your house is every day.

If you have time in the morning, set aside a few minutes to make beds and clean up after breakfast. Then, right before you go to bed, spend a few minutes putting anything out of place back where it belongs. You'll be grateful when you wake up in the morning to a straightened house! 

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