More Than a To-Do List: Cleaning Schedule
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More Than a To-Do List: Cleaning Schedule

There are a lot of daily, weekly, and monthly house cleaning tasks you have to stay on top of, and in the midst of work, school, kids’ activities, family, and friends, those things can get a little lost in the shuffle.

The best way to ensure all your house cleaning gets done is to create a schedule. If you have cleaning services, make sure you note down when they come and what they do so you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

The Monthly Schedule

There are things you only do in your home once or twice a month, and it’s easy to put these jobs off because you have so much time to finish them. Before you know it, it’s the end of the month and you still have a handful of tasks you never accomplished.

This is where scheduling makes a difference. It also helps you keep track of what you’re cleaning every week and every day so that you can work everything into your schedule in a way that makes cleaning more efficient.

The Weekly Schedule

At the start of every week, take a look at your calendar. What’s coming up this week? What cleaning tasks do you have planned? When are you going to have people visiting? Then tweak your schedule for the week based on those changes to your monthly schedule.

Keeping a mid-term list on hand will help keep you focuses and prevent procrastination.

The Daily To-Do List

With your monthly scheduled modified into an adjusted weekly schedule, the next step is to figure out what needs to be done one day at a time. A simple to-do list will help you prioritize your tasks and result in a cleaner house. A list like this also helps you focus on what needs attention the most.    

A schedule can make a big difference for any homeowner, and if you are still struggling, there are plenty of suggested cleaning calendars available online! 

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