Never Lose Your Keys Again
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Never Lose Your Keys Again

Do you have a habit of losing keys or other small things you carry with you every day? You aren’t alone, many people misplace keys, sunglasses, wallets, pens, chapstick only to find them the next time they’re house cleaning…the question is, how do you prevent it?

There’s a simple habit you can adopt that will keep you from losing these items—if you stick to it, you’ll never lose your keys again (at least, not in your house!).

A Place of Your Own

The first part means hunting down a place for your things that is all your own. It should be easily accessible but safe for your things. For instance, you might use a basket on the corner of your dresser or an entryway table.

Once you have a place, prepare it for yourself. If necessary, add a basket or two to store or sort the small items you carry with you every day. 

Getting Into the Habit

Once you have a place, the most important part is getting into the habit of using it. Every day when you walk in, go straight to your place and empty your hands, pockets, and purse. If you have to, make yourself a note to do it as soon as you come in the door. Once you get into this habit, though; you’ll find it’s not a hard one to develop or keep.

When you get ready to leave the next day, all of your things will be right there where you left them, ready to head out. What a relief!

Of course, keeping your place—and the house around it—mostly clean is just as important. If your keys land in a pile of clutter, it could take you a while to find them! Hire a maid service to help you stay on top of things, and you won’t have any more panicked mornings!

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