Organizing the Closet
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Organizing the Closet

Is finding what you want to wear in the morning really slowing you down? Do you find yourself sorting through an unruly jumble of clothing each morning trying to piece together an outfit, with the result that your closet ends up messier and messier each day? Don't worry: organizing the closet is really simple, and will revolutionize your morning routine!

Organizing the closet is a great time to sort out what garments you want to keep, and what you want to bag up and send to the charity store. So start by emptying your closet and sorting out your clothing! As well as getting rid of all those lone pairs of socks that will never find their partner again, this is also the perfect moment to give your closet a little spring-clean with disinfectant and a little essential oil on a soft cloth.

Begin by putting back all of those garments that you won't wear for a few months. For instance, if it's summer, take your old winter coats and chunky knitted sweaters. Put a few mothballs in their pockets to stop them getting moth-damaged, and / or cover them with a little cellophane like your drycleaner does. Hang all of these garments right at the back of the closet or right at one end: you won't be needing them for a while!

Now, organize your remaining clothing so that it is easy to grab in the mornings as you are getting ready. It often helps to organize the closet into sections, with (for example) work wear on the left, glam party dresses in the middle, and casual clothing to the right. If you have a particular set of garments that you wear together (such as a blouse and a trouser suit), try hanging them together on the same hanger for added convenience. Now you know where all your clothing is!

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