Organizing Your Bathroom Items
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Organizing Your Bathroom Items

Are you surrounded by soaps, shampoos, lotions, oils, shaving creams, aftershave, and make-up? It might be time to get rid of some of those things you’ve been holding onto. A little bit of house cleaning in the bathroom can go a long way!

Not sure what you can part with? Start first by getting rid of anything you just don’t love. That alone might clean out over half of your bathroom items!

Still have a few left to get rid of? Take a look at this to help you toss the last few and set up a system for keeping your toiletries down to a minimum in the future.

Visual. Take a look at the things you have left to toss out. Anything that looks oddly colored or appears to be separating should immediately be thrown away—don’t second guess!

1 year. For most things, if you haven’t used it in a year, it’s not worth keeping—and it’s losing it’s effectiveness. If you can’t remember the last time you used something or you know it’s been more than a year, toss it out!

Label. When you buy new products, stick a label on the bottom of the container and write the date on it with a permanent marker. This will let you know at a glance how long you’ve had something and how long before you need to throw it out.

Close at hand. Make the stuff you do want to use easily accessible. Put the items you use every day on a tray on your bathroom countertop. For the things you like but only use occasionally, use baskets, trays, or dividers in drawers, under the sink, or in the linen closet to make things easier to find and use.

Be inspired to get your bathroom sorted out, and you will have fewer things causing clutter in your bathroom.

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