Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry
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Organizing Your Kitchen Pantry

Is your pantry a mess? Do you struggle with not even knowing just what is inside? Do you have food that is going to waste because you don't even realize that you have it? Do you buy repeat groceries because everything tends to get lost once you place it in your pantry? If any or all of the above is true for you, keep reading.

If you're having trouble with a messy pantry, it is time to begin organizing. The following simple steps will help you to get the job done right.

First, organize by type. If you want to really simplify your pantry and ensure that you get your use out of every item that is stored there, then you will want to make sure your follow this step. Place all of your cereal on one shelf together, place all of your noodles on another. Place your baking supplies all together in one spot, spices in another. Consider investing in canisters and other containers to help make this job easier. The main idea is just to have every similar product in one spot, that way, when you want cereal, you will know where to look.

Second, keep a grocery list on the pantry door. This is the perfect way to stay organized. When you realize that you are starting to run low on an item, then you simply need to add it to the list to be purchased on your next trip to the store.

Finally, toss out anything that is outdated and expired. If you're not going to use it, it is time to lose it. It is only in the way, so get it out of there.

By following the simple steps above, anyone can have a cleaner, more organized pantry, and this even helps you to save money in the long run.

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