Poison Control Warns Parents about Laundry Detergent Pods
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Poison Control Warns Parents about Laundry Detergent Pods

haz chem suit frontRecent studies and research have shown that laundry detergent pods have resulted in hundreds of poisoning every year. Many parents choose to use these convenient pods because they are quick and easy to use; however, it is important to remember that they are full of concentrated, poisonous chemicals and can be fatal if ingested. Whenever you are cleaning your home, it is always recommended that you use safe, eco-friendly products when available to ensure your family’s safety.

Parents, especially those with young children, are being warned about the dangers of using detergent pods and the importance of keeping them away from their children. Young children often mistake these colored pods for candy or juice, which can be a fatal mistake. Babies will put almost anything they can in their mouths as their way of exploring their new surroundings. This curiosity can lead to death if parents are not keeping their laundry detergent pods out of reach.

More than 750 children have been hospitalized in the past year as a result of swallowing or being exposed to laundry detergent pods. Most of the containers that package these pods lack child safety locks, making them even easier for small hands to access. A study conducted by the US Poisons Center received reports of more than 17,000 cases of children under the age of six who swallowed, inhaled, or were exposed in some way to the chemicals in laundry detergent pods. Two thirds of these cases involved children between the ages of one and two who accidentally burst the detergent pods by biting them. Their symptoms included drowsiness, red eyes, coughing, choking, and extreme irritation.

Between May 2009 and July 2012, England’s National Poison and Information Service found that 96% of poisoning cases involved children under six years of age; 8 out of 10 cases involved swallowing poisonous substances, such as detergent pods.

Even though laundry detergent manufacturers have acknowledged the fatal danger of laundry pods, they still have not yet added any child resistant features to their packaging. Until then, it is crucial that parents keep these pods locked away and far from the reach of children.

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