Reliable Cleaning Solutions That Are Affordable and Planet Friendly
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Reliable Cleaning Solutions That Are Affordable and Planet Friendly

4417-101413-gs4417Detail cleaning is an important household activity that should be carried out at least once or twice per month depending on your schedule. For those that have a busy life, The Maids of Worcester in Marlborough, MA can do it for you at affordable rates.

Nevertheless, one of the biggest ways to save besides using housekeepers is to make your own cleaning agents. Unknown to most people is that they can save hundreds of dollars a year by preparing their own cleaners using affordable ingredients. Here are some ideas to guide you in saving money on cleaning supplies today.

Liquid Ring Marks Remover

Liquid or water rings usually develop on furniture upholstery as a result of cups sitting on the surface and from using the wrong cleaning method. Before proceeding, it’s important to note that this solution should never be applied on unfinished wood lacquer or on antiques as it can form stains. To prepare it, you need to mix baking soda and white non-gel toothpaste in equal proportions. Before applying it, dampen a piece of cloth with water and dip it into the mixture. To get good results, rub the ring marksin the directions of the grain. After rubbing it several times, take another soft cloth for a final shine and polish as you normally would.

Dishwasher Stain Remover

Despite the fact that modern dishwashers are more reliable and effective in cleaning dishes, they are prone to staining and rusting. One can easily remove these stains by using an orange drink or a quart of powdered lemon. To remove the stains or rust, sprinkle the powder on the inside walls then run the machine on regular cycle. Repeat this step until expected results are achieved.

Brass Cleaner

This is a perfect cleaning solution for cleaning brassy, non-lacquered cabinet pulls and bathroom fixtures. It’s relatively easy to prepare as you only need to make a mixture of table salt and lemon juice or white vinegar. To apply, dip a sponge into the vinegar or lemon juice and sprinkle some salt before lightly rubbing it on the surface. Finally, rinse the surfaces with clean water and dry using soft clean cloths.

When doing the work yourself, cleaning does not have to be an expensive venture if you use these recommended cleaning solutions.

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