Removal of Stickers and Their Residue from Various Surfaces
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Removal of Stickers and Their Residue from Various Surfaces

vintage stickers 01 ai8-1113vv-vAs long as the price stickers are where they belong – on the labeled products in your convenience store or other shopping malls, then they remain functional and useful. However, most stickers don’t stick there for long; they get to come off once they have been paid for after their brief shelf life. And heaven only knows where these stickers end up; they can easily become a nuisance on every surface in and around the home.The following are some of the ways to clean those stickers from various surfaces at home:

Glass Surfaces

Avoid scratching the glass to remove the sticker as this may damage the glass. Instead, apply vegetable or baby oil, allowing it to remain on the surface overnight; by morning it should peel off. Using nail polish and allowing it to soak for about 30 minutes should also do the trick.

Wooden Surfaces

Lay a cloth or paper towel that has been soaked in white vinegar over the sticker and allow it to soak into the sticker and residue for about five minutes. Peel off the sticker and once the wooden surface is clean, use wood polish to wipe the surface.

Plastic Surfaces

Heat up the portion around the sticker using a hair dryer, then peel off one side. Aim the hair dryer below the sticker as you hold up the loose side; this will allow the area to warm up and slowly release the sticker from the plastic surface. Ensure the surface doesn’t get hot enough to melt the plastic. Finish by washing the surface using a solution of dish soap then dry it.

Metallic Surfaces

Scrape off the adhesive as much of it as you can from the metallic surface then apply water-displacing spray on a cloth, but make sure not to use something abrasive that will scratch the metal . Continue rubbing the sticker with this spray, and then wash the surface using warm water mixed with dish soap. Rinse the area and dry it.

You can maintain all your surfaces and their nice appearance even after the stickers have been removed. There is always a suitable solution to deal with the unsightly blemishes on your surfaces. No need to be miserable about those annoying stickers anymore! And for all your other messes, The Maids can do your housekeeping for you.

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