Steps That Will Help You Clean Your Concrete Floors Thoroughly
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Steps That Will Help You Clean Your Concrete Floors Thoroughly

6359-101413-gs6359Concrete floors have been a popular choice for many homeowners due to their stain resistant properties and durability. With proper maintenance, concrete floors can last for a lifetime. To maintain the lifespan of your concrete floors, here are some cleaning steps that you should always follow:

Step 1: Sweep the floor

Thoroughly sweep the floor using a soft bristle broom to remove the loose debris. This includes things such as dust, mud, paper and other particles that are solid in nature.

Step 2: Rub your dust mop few times over the floor

Not all dust particles will be removed through sweeping. By running your dust mop over the floor a few times, you remove finer dust particles.

Step 3: Fill a bucket with water and put a small amount of detergent

Fill up a bucket with clean water and mix it with mild detergent or dish soap. Do not add vinegar or ammonia because they can damage the finish of the concrete floor.

Step 4: Dip a wet mop in the bucket and wring it

Dip your wet mop in the mixture of water and mild soap and wring it thoroughly. Mop a small section of the floor before dipping the mop in the solution again. Rinse and wring the mop as frequently as possible. The size of the space that you are going to use the mop on depends on how dirty the floor is. If the floor is very dirty, then you will have to rinse and wring more frequently.

Step 5: Refill the bucket with clean water and mop again

If you want to have a really clean concrete floor, you have to refill the bucket with clean warm water after mopping the whole area the first time and repeat the process. Do not add any soap because this process is meant to rinse away the soap that was used in step 4.

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