The Art of Cord-Keeping
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The Art of Cord-Keeping

Cleaning services just left your home, and you finished your decorating last week. The house looks fantastic! You walk through each room and then into your office and—wow, where did all those cords come from? On top of your desk, underneath it, beside the table where your kids plug in their phones: they're everywhere!

A cluster of cords never looks good. Even in the best circumstances, it still looks messy and cluttered. How can you get those cords under control? Here are some great tips:

Tip #1: Label your cords. Once you've untangled the crazy mess of cords, how are you going to know which cord goes to which electronic? Label them! It's a simple idea that can save you a lot of trouble. Blogger Jen at I Heart Organizing made her own color-coded labels to distinguish her chargers from her son's, but you can use labels like that to mark which cords go to your computer, which to your speakers, and which one goes to the lamp.

Tip #2: Tie them together. Prevent the tangle and the mess by grouping cords that go together and tying them. There are a couple of ways to do this, but a zip tie is probably the best. If you can't find zip ties, electrical tape will work just as well. 

Tip #3: Hide them. Find ways to keep them out of sight. For the cords on your desk, make sure you're putting the cords behind your desk, going straight down. If you have to track cords across the floor, find a cord keeper that matches the color of your walls or moulding (this makes house cleaning a lot easier too--no more cords collecting dust and tracking dirt!).

Don't let the tangle of cords get to you—a few simple steps and you'll be living free of cord mess! 

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