The Most Creative Gift Ideas for Nanny’s and Housekeepers This Holiday
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The Most Creative Gift Ideas for Nanny’s and Housekeepers This Holiday

3081 101413 gs3081Most people will delight their kids with great gifts during Christmas and other holidays but often, people tend to forget to treat your housekeeper with a gift. Everyone appreciates a gift of gratitude! The following are some incredible gift ideas for housekeepers.

A Beauty Kit

Why not purchase a beauty kit for your housekeeper? Give her a feeling that’s it’s her own spa day. You’ll make her feel glamorous and feminine with a beauty kit.

Spa Gift Certificates

All housekeepers would love a time to relax and have fun. You can imagine the kind of messes they’ve been cleaning, the kids they’ve been taking care of and the pets they’ve been feeding... they deserve a small break. Spa gift certificates such as massages, pedicures, manicures and time to fix her hair at a salon are all great gifts.

An iPod

Even though most of the time housekeepers are busy doing this and that, they might need a little motivation throughout their day. An iPod can be a great gift for your housekeeper this holiday. And if she already has one, why not consider an iTunes gift card?

Offer Them Special and Extravagant Gifts

Allow your housekeeper to drink, eat and delight herself with special treats that she might not buy for herself. Be partial with gift baskets, coming with a mix of decadent and healthy options such as fruits and chocolates. For the decadent options, hand your housekeeper a bottle of wine or even cheese basket gifts.


If you’re unsure of what to give, cash is the best option.  A little extra cash would be great for her. Otherwise, whenever you’re thinking of a gift, try to make it personalized as you try to keep your housekeeper’s interest and lifestyle in mind. Ensure that the personalized gift you give her is accompanied by loving and cherishing kind words of appreciation.

Gifts or no gifts, The Maids of Worcester in Marlborough, MA are always delighted to help out around the house.

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