Thorough Spring House Cleaning
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Thorough Spring House Cleaning

Spring is on its way, and everyone's going to feel like getting things a little cleaner, more organized, and under control. Do you have plans to do some Spring cleaning? If you're not sure where to start, keep this in mind: Spring house cleaning is a great time to tackle things you don't normally clean.

Having a list of things you want to accomplish will help, and here are some tips for areas you might want to work on while you're going. Remember, as well; that you can get standard or additional housekeeping services—a great advantage during Spring cleaning!

Clear Out! Your pantry, medicine cabinet, and closet have probably collected a lot of things you don't actually need over the past 6 months—it's time to clear out all of the extra clutter. Check expiration dates and toss anything that's out of date or things you won't be using again. Pack up your winter clothes and get rid of the summer clothes that don't fit anymore. You'll feel a lot fresher with less clutter!

Dusting. Dust everything, even things you don't normally mess with. The top of the TV and bookshelves, the light fixtures, the molding: work from the top down with a microfiber cloth or soft rag damp with vinegar or water and low-sudsing dishsoap.

Vacuuming. After you finish dusting is the perfect time to vacuum. All that dust had to go somewhere, and a lot of it ended up on your floor and furniture! Grab your vacuum and throw on an attachment, taking care of the furniture first. Follow that up with a thorough vacuum of the carpet.

Windows. Clean every part of your windows: glass, sills, frames, and window treatments. You'll be surprised by what a difference that level of clean makes—the whole room really will look brighter.

Organize. Whether it's your desk, the kitchen counter, or your bookshelf that needs organizing, there's probably an area in your home you immediately cringe when you think of it. Stop the cringing and just tackle it. It will be a relief to finally have it clean!

Enjoy your Spring and Summer in a much cleaner house!  

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