Tips and Tricks Decorators Use
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Tips and Tricks Decorators Use

Want to give your house a completely new look, but stuck on how or where to start? TV home makeover shows might make you wish you could just borrow a decorator for the day!

While there isn’t a decorator here to give you, there are a few hints straight from decorators that might give you the inspiration to get started:

Create a Theme. When you have a theme in mind, you can more easily distinguish about what will fit in your space and what won’t. It will also give you a focus and a vision to work toward.

Use Things You Have on Hand. You might some incredible pieces sitting in your home that will fit perfectly in your newly designed room and not even realize it. Take a close look at the structure and shape of furniture in your home—colors, finish, and furnishings like handles and drawer pulls can all be easily changed.

Choose a Color Scheme. Having one color in mind is a good start, but when you have an entire scheme, you can pick and choose items and colors more consistently. If you’re having a hard time deciding which colors go together, get a color wheel and use it to help you compare colors side by side.

Use a Dimmer Switch. According to almost all decorators, a dimmer switch is a must. If you don’t do anything else in your room, adding a dimmer switch is a way to immediately change the mood of the room.

Make Smart Use of Repetition. The eye is naturally drawn to sequences and similarities, so use this to your advantage. Want to highlight an item, a texture, a color, or a piece? Repeat it through the room or, for more intensity, in a small space.

How will you start decorating in your space? 

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