Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch
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Tips for Decorating Your Front Porch


How does your front porch look right now? Is it an oasis from the rest of the world, a welcoming place to chat with friends and family? If it's just a plain space, there are great ways to turn it into something completely new! Not sure where to start? A few important pieces can make all the difference:

Water-Resistant Curtains

You might have to look around a little, but if you can find outdoor curtains that are made to be weather resistant, they will add an amazing element to your porch. Talk about cozy! Closing off part of the space makes it feel homey and more like an actual room.

Pillows or Cushions for Chairs

Having a comfortable, colorful place to sit makes a big impact when it comes to feeling at home on your front porch. Pillows and cushions do the trick, but if your porch is prone to rainwater, choose pillows with water-resistant plastic covers. When the pillows and cushions are protected this way, you can just slide off the decorative cloth cover, wash it, and return it without any damage to the pillow itself.

A Beautiful, Natural Mat

Just like an area rug, a larger outdoor mat can pull the space together, tying in all of the different elements. Place it in the center of the seating like a mini-living room. It immediately makes the look feel more complete.

A Sturdy Table

There are some amazing sealed wood, metal, and wicker tables out there that will stand up to the seasons and still look like an indoor piece of furniture. Include some flowers and a few citronella candles, and you'll instantly create mood—right there on your front porch! 

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