Vacuum-In-Hand: Cleaning Your Furniture
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Vacuum-In-Hand: Cleaning Your Furniture

It's easy to forget that your furniture needs to be cleaned just as regularly as other things in your house because it's often harder to see dirt accumulating. However, if you reach the point where you can see the dust, you've probably waited a little too long!

Tidy Mom has some good ideas for taking on your furniture quickly and easily—the next time you have a seat on your favorite couch, you'll be glad you cleaned it!

Step #1:Remove the pillows and cushions. You can vacuum the pillows and throw them into a hot dryer with a couple of tennis balls to freshen them up while you clean.

Step #2: Vacuum. Ugh, don't you hate pulling off the cushions and seeing the mess underneath? Grab your vacuum's wand and get to work, making sure to get down into the nooks and crannies where there are bound to be more crumbs and dirt. 

Switch to the upholstery brush to vacuum the back, arms, and sides so that the whole piece will look great!

Step #3: Vacuum the Cushions. With the upholstery brush still attached, vacuum each of the cushions on all sides. It's a good idea to flip the cushions when you put them back on so that the sides wear evenly, as well.

Step #4: Treat the Stains. If you notice any stains while you're going, keep track of where they are. If you can check with the manufacturer to find out how they suggest treating the stain, do; if you can't, standard white shaving cream can often help take out a stain.

To use this method, put a little bit of white shaving cream on a damp cloth and first test the color fastness of the fabric by rubbing a little bit on in an unseen spot. If it doesn't affect the color, use the shaving cream on the cloth to buff out the stain, then follow up by wiping the area down with a clean, damp cloth. 

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