Will Egg Shells Damage My Garbage Disposal
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Will Egg Shells Damage My Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a very important task to every home or any organization. Improper garbage disposal is risky to the health of the residents. One of the wastes that requires proper disposal are the egg shells. Can you put egg shells in the garbage disposal? First egg shells are too brittle to handle and therefore breaks very easily when disposed. They do not harm anything but only contribute to the clogging pipes. There has been incidence of blockage of the drainage pipes caused by the poor disposal of egg shells. Probably this may be due to putting of too much egg shells together with a lot of water into the drain. You can be unlucky when your disposer gets blocked by the stringy shells as they can get tangled on the blade motor.

Egg shells acts as a cleaning agent to the drains because they scrap away the deposits that clogs onto the sides of the drains. This helps avoid the problem of bad smell from the drain. It is very important to understand that you need to put egg shells alone into the disposal because they will clog up if you put a heavy load into your disposer. One needs to run a little water through the disposal in order to clean up the P-trap. They are likely to break up into tiny pieces and drain away easily. It majorly depends on how you manage your disposal. In case you use plenty of eggs once at a time then you should consider disposing the shells in small amounts to avoid clogging your drainage system.

In conclusion, safe disposal of egg shells into the disposer can be advantageous because of its attached benefits. Otherwise improper disposal is very risky as it can down your whole system. It therefore calls for everyone to become very vigilant when disposing their egg shells into the disposer. 

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