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Hiring Maid Service Worcester MA

What to Look For When Hiring a Maid Service in Worcester

hiring-a-maid-serviceOur busy lives leave very little time for getting the many chores – especially around the house. Hiring a maid service can free up some of your valuable time for the things that mean the most to us. That being said, you can’t just let any cleaning company come into your home without first making sure they are trustworthy and reliable.

Here are some quick tips aimed at keeping you and your home are safe as you find the best quality maid service in Worcester, MA.

Satisfaction: Every Maid Service should measure the satisfaction of their customers one way or the other, so much sure the one you are going to work with does too. If they don’t, think twice about using them. If they do, ask them how they ensure total customer satisfaction on every visit as this will say a lot about how much they value the families the work with. Consider asking key questions like:

  • Does the company call you following the cleaning to inquire about your satisfaction and whether or not your expectations were fulfilled (or exceeded)?
  • Was that representative of the company friendly and courteous?
  • Did they ask you to fill out a survey online or on paper?

Bonding: Should something get stolen or broken in the home, you would need to be compensated by the company. Protect the belongings in your home by making sure the maid service you hire is bonded and reputable.

Insurance: A maid service needs insurance to cover if anything happens to one of their employees in your home. Insurance helps to cover against personal injury, so that you would not be responsible. Always work with a cleaning company that insures their employees!

References: A trustworthy maid service is one that has long work experience, reliability and positive recommendations. One of the best ways to check how good a job they do is by calling their past and present customers. Think about it, referrals are the name of the game when it comes to business, why would a maid service be any different? Ask your maid service if they can give you a few names and numbers to call, especially ones in and around where you live – you might even know them!

Guarantee: Does the company you plan on working with have a guarantee – in writing? What is it, and what steps do they take to ensure they honor their guarantee. A very interesting question is to ask how the maid service handles customer complaints, as this tells a lot about the quality of the management of the company.

Cleaning products: Make sure that they use environmentally safe products that won’t harm your children or pets. Watch out for cleaning products that contain a high ratio of harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, or ones that don’t have the ingredients on them.

For Worcester maid services that say they use "green" or environmentally friendly products, always ask if their cleaning products are effective at sanitizing against pathogens like Staphylococcus, Salmonella and E-coli. Find how which companies gave them their “Green-Certified” rating and what the certification process was.

Buyer Beware: While some cleaning products are certified as environmentally safe for home cleaning, they may still contain harsh chemicals – just in lower amounts. These cleaning products have essentially been watered down in order to pass the “green” certification and may still be unsafe for your pets and children.

Employee screening and hiring: Find out whether the company uses in-house cleaning staff or whether they outsource to contractors. Typically subcontractors don’t do background checks, drugs tests, nor do they ensure proper training has been completed with the employees.

Equipment: Find out if the maid service brings in their own the equipment and the efficiency of their vacuums and the filtration system. Ask if their filters are HEPA-certified and ask to see the condition of their equipment to make sure they are well maintained.

The extra time you put into ensuring the maid service you will be using can make the difference between being unsatisfied one time, or being completely satisfied forever. Find one that you can trust to be prompt, reliable and trustworthy.

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