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The maids is fantastic.  I have been using them over the past several years.  Often for major spring cleaning and summer cleaning and then I used them on an every other week basis for a year.   They are professional, nice and very thorough.  I'm extremely happy with their cleaning.

Lisa B

Hi Sarai,

I no longer live in Massachusetts. I live in Pennsylvania now. I really enjoyed the women that came out to the house. They were amazing and made my landlord cry as to how clean the house was when I moved.


I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the cleaning that was done in my home. I was having a party on the following Sunday and called you at the last minute to have my entire home cleaned.

Everywhere I looked was spotless. I couldn't wait to call you today to let you know what a great job your team did and to schedule routine cleaning visits. 

Thank you so much! 


I had the great pleasure of working with the maids this morning for the first time. I had never hired someone to help me with housekeeping before. Therefore, I was very nervous before they arrived. When the team of four knocked on the door, I was put at ease right away through their friendly and smiling faces. They went right to work and did a fantastic job in every room! I was most impressed by the team members that were on their hands and knees washing the hard surface floors!! How often is that done??

I appreciate all their efforts and am looking forward to the next time "The Maids" come knocking!!


The team did a fabulous job!  Our house wasn't even this clean when we moved in over the summer.  We couldn't be happier.

BD, Boylston

Hi, The team does a wonderful job each time. We have two cats and young child and our house has a lot of tight spaces in the bathrooms and bedrooms, so keeping a clean house is a big task. The team cleans these challenging areas and furniture to our satisfaction each time. They are also very easy to deal with if something does not meet our expectations and always improve based on our feedback. Keep up the great work!

A. Peters

I am writing to let you know what wonderful ladies you have in your  employ. For over a year they have done a wonderful job cleaning our  house. I have been home since this past November due to a lay off and  have seen first hand how efficient, prompt and pleasant they all are.  Nadja has been the team leader for more of that time and she is so very  nice and accommodating as well as a very hard worker. Maria until  recently was a team member, last visit she was team leader. If this is a  permanent promotion, it is well deserved, as she was very courteous and  really wanted to ensure that everything was done to my satisfaction. As  always, the house looked great.  Every team member works hard to do the job right the first time and always has a great attitude and a warm smile. I have spoken with friends  and associates who have had a variety of issues with other home  services and never hesitate to recommend that they switch to The Maids.


Thank you very much for your services over the past year and more. I  would like you to know I have been very happy with cleaning and  communication and everything else about The Maids. I have and will  continue to recommend you to others. With much appreciation for all your  hard work – thank you!

Sarah B.

Team 3 is great! The house looked great last week! It always does! If  you have room on your agenda, we’d like to have you and your team start  coming every week.


Thank you for the wonderful service you have been proving. I am very  satisfied with the thorough cleaning The Maids have been providing. I  feel the staff has been flexible, friendly and have done an excellent  job in their housecleaning duties.


I've known Jim Segal (Owner/ Manager of the Marlborough facility at 200 E. Main St. in Marlborough, MA) for many years .. and his mission to strive for "Excellence in Service" and fairness to his staff is a prime example in how a successful business should be conducted.

 Helen M

I find The Maids to be prompt and courteous in  manner, and they clean my home thoroughly and professionally. The Maids  have always been very accommodating.